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In our book, workmanship counts. That’s why we carry only top-quality products for you to choose from. Here are some of the items available at Texas Lock & Door Closer Inc.
Falcon Lock T Series Specifications
Key-in-lever cylindrical locksets shall be Falcon Lock T Series or equal and meet the following requirements:
  • All Locks Shall Meet the New ANSI/BHMA A 156.2, Series 4000
  • Grade 1 for Key-in-Lever Locksets
  • Locksets Shall Be UL Listed (3 Hour A Label)
  • Locksets Shall Be Provided Standard with "Pressure Release"
  • Feature. When Outside Lever is Locked, it is Not Rigid but Will Move Freely Without Operating the Latch Bolt
  • Lever Trim Shall Have Individual Heavy-Duty Springs Behind Rose for Lever Return and to Prevent Lever Sag. Trim Shall Be Through-Bolted with Two (2) 10-32 Screws Coated with Thread Sealant to Provide Strength and Resistance to Loosening. Inner and Outer Trim Shall Be "Bottom Out" to Prevent Door Collapse. Roses Shall Be Minimum of 3-1/2" Diameter
  • All Lever Designs Shall be Solid and Meet the Federal ADA and State Disability Requirements. Inside Levers Shall Be Attached by Allen-Head Set Screw to Prevent Tampering or Vandalism
  • Locksets Shall Adjust to Fit Door Thickness from 1-3/4" to 2-1/4"
  • All Locksets Shall be Non-Handed and Not Require Field
  • Disassembly for Re-Handing
  • Preparation for Door Must Be Non-Handed
  • Acceptable Manufacturer: FALCON LOCK COMPANY
Von Duprin
Computer Managed (CM) 993 Exit Trim
CM993 Exit Trim
  • Maintains Up to 1,000 Users Per Trim
  • Stores 1,000 Events at Each Trim
  • Credentials Can Be Programmed to Perform a Variety of Functions:
    • Momentary Access
    • Maintained or "Toggled" Access
    • Pass Thru or "VIP" Access
    • One-Time Use for Visitors, or Contract Maintenance Workers
Time Functionality
Time Zones limit the hours and days a user can access assigned points, preventing
unauthorized or unwanted personnel in a facility or area at off-hours;
Override Periods
Restrict access during periods such as holidays, shutdowns or vacations;
Auto Unlocking and Relocking
Allows weekly repeating, automatic locking and unlocking of
access points;
First Person In
Requires that an authorized credential be presented prior to an auto unlock, so a facility does not open during inclement weather, etc., with no one present;
Time Activation and Deactivation
Credentials can be programmed to start and stop working by date and time.
  • Credential Reader and Keypad Models Available Which Provide Linked Access - Credential + PIN - for Higher Security Applications
  • Emergency Key Override with Optional Audit Trail
  • Auto-Card Update Feature on Magnetic Stripe Card Reader Models- Disables Lost or Stolen Card when the Reissued Card is Presented at the Lock
For Use with Von Duprin 98/99 Series Exit Devices Including:
  • Rim - 99/98
  • Surface Vertical Rod - 9927/9827
  • Concealed Vertical Rod - 9947/9847/9948/9848. Three-Point
  • Latching - 9957/9857
  • EL Devices - EL99 (Hardwired Only)
  • Chexit Delayed Egress - CX99 (Hardwired Only)
Benefits of Using Von Duprin CM993 Exit
  • Provides Robust Access Control
  • Easy to Upgrade or Retrofit Existing Openings
  • Works with a Variety of Access Credentials
  • Options for Extreme Temperature Conditions
Schlage Managed (CM) Locking Systems CM5100 Cylindrical, CM5500 Mortise and CM5700 Unit Locks
  • Reduces Installation Costs and Virtually Eliminates Significant Maintenance Costs
  • Battery Powered, Requires Four Standard "AA" Alkaline Batteries Which Provide Greater than 2 Years of Battery Life
  • FCC Approved, UL Listed for Fire Doors
  • Designed to Meet ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 Requirements
  • Vandlgard Clutching Lever Design Prevents Damage to Lever from Force or Extreme Abuse
  • Full Magnetic Swipe Reader Models Designed to Prevent Damage to Unit from Liquids or Debris
  • Weather Resistant Gasket for Exterior Applications

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